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Born out of the love of outdoor activities and the need for no-nonsense hand-wear in the mountains we play

The POW brand was first dreamt about in 1997 on a road trip to a Washington State ski resort, Steven’s Pass.  Years later, 2002, founder Dustin Goss began the branding and company development for POW that has emerged into a rapidly developing brand focused on quality hand-wear. By the 2008 season POW had achieved distribution in over 30 countries and began to drive a global brand culture that resonates to this day world-wide with a single product line.  And in 2010 POW was extended a GORE-TEX® license that allowed them to feature the durable and waterproof material in their products; meanwhile validating the “Built to Last” and “All Day, Everyday” mantras the company is known for.

Leave it to POW to bring you the finest fitting, feeling, and most functional handwear for winter sports. With our timeless design, 10 year legacy, and our “Built to Last” quality, we are proud to present to you our most exceptional line yet; The Winter 2013 Heritage Collection.

Who We Are

Founder Dustin Goss created a company on a dream of a life in the mountains. Over ten years later, the POW team continues this dream by setting standards of excellence in product design, respecting the world around them, and deep rooted values in the snow sports industry.

What We Do

Designing and distributing hand-wear has developed into our specialty, and our focus has not wavered away from this strength. Now featuring GORE-TEX® & WINDSTOPPER® in specific styles POW offers the highest quality glove in the industry. Designed, built, and sold by people who have a passion for the activities and stand behind the product.

Our Philosophy

POW’s handwear focus over the past decade has enabled us to keep quality and innovation at the forefront of our mission. Working hard each day to create a reputation for manufacturing excellence and encouraging a little weirdness has shaped our brand culture.

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