Finding a pair of POW Gloves with the proper amount of insulation is crucial to its performance in the conditions you ride. The proper amount of insulation should keep you warm without restricting your circulation, dexterity, or fit. If the temperature you ride it can drastically vary, we suggest you purchase an additional Poly Pro Liner or consider more than one pair.

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Primaloft® Gold insulation is designed to regulate your comfort level during intense activity while offering performance without compromise in a wide range of conditions. Warmth without bulk., water resistant, 4-way stretch, breathable, packable and lightweight, superior softness and 45% post consumer recycled content.

FIBERFILL is a synthetic fiber used for insulating gloves giving you warmth and comfort while in use. With the ability to trap air up to 97% of its volume, this insulation is great for keeping you warm. Fiber ll has a very soft hand feel and is a very durable insulator.

3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation is warm yet lightweight, powerful yet thin. It helps trap and hold body heat, while allowing moister to escape. The extremely ne microfibers in Thinsulate insulation help trap air and block body radiant heat loss, making it an efficient insulator. The high warmth-to-thickness ratio of this insulation enables glove designs with less bulk and enhanced freedom of movement.