Glove Care

POW Gloves recommends Nikwax for glove care: Waterproofing Wax for Leather for smooth leather gloves, and Glove Proof for synthetic or mixed fabric gloves.

General Tips

Care by material type

Leather Gloves/Mitts

Leather is all natural; it needs regular care for best results. Reapplying leather oil and water treatments will help ensure years of product life. Visit Nikwax.com for more products & information or go check out the POW / Nikwax product care video on this page for a quick rundown of leather glove care.

Nikwax treatment may alter the color of the leather (sometimes darkens, slightly), so test on a small area to be sure you like the look. Oftentimes, worn and faded leather nearly returns to its original shade, when it was brand new. Be careful with white leather applications: spot check before applying to entire glove to ensure no discoloration occurs.

Many POW leather gloves come with Nikwax to apply before using. Make sure your new POW Gloves are really Built to Last by using our provided waterproofing solution on your new gloves.

Synthetic and Mixed-Fabric Gloves